DEEP Token

Deep Work is a collective made of some of the world’s best designers who all have shared ownership of the studio. Our token, Deep Work (DEEP), is a governance token for the community of designers to manage the collective.
Our mission is to complete impactful projects, work with inspiring people, and create long-term compensation for all value creators.
We use tooling and structures similar to a DAO. Since we're on a continuous journey to decentralization, we use the term "collective" to describe the community running the organization.

Key Facts

Deep Work (DEEP) is the collective's native governance token that coordinates activity. Distributed to community members for active participation, such as completing work on client projects.
Currently, token holders can vote on distributing the collective's gross profits or mint and distribute new DEEP tokens.
Read more about the value flows here:

Deep Work (DEEP) Token

Deep Work has a governance token to manage the collective. Deep Work team members (anyone who does work for Deep Work) are allocated the token alongside payments in USDC or DAI.

Details (Ethereum Mainnet)

  • Token Contract Address, Mainnet: 0x857c02F825fa8b1E9a1f7248c6C089b5874e30A8
  • Name: Deep Work
  • Ticker: DEEP
  • Decimals: 18


DEEP is Deep Work's native governance token to co-ordinate activity detailed under the Governance section of this page. Under the mission to continue the growth of Deep Work as a collective of designers.

Old token references

On the 5th of September 2022, we moved from our old token to a mintable new token. This meant the circulating supply of the token was the total amount of tokens distributed to users and the token no longer had a hard cap. See the governance proposal for more details and the following transaction for the airdrop and transition to the new token.
For reference:

Token Distribution

Deep Work (DEEP) token is intended as a governance token. The collective has a corporate structure (Deep Work Ltd) that manages client projects, team members, and token distribution. It is separate from Deep Work Studio Limited. Since externally to Deep Work the token can have financial value, receiving it might create legal and/or tax complications for participants. Participants are fully responsible for any legal and/or tax complications and waiver any responsibility for Deep Work. As such, the token is opt-in; only participants that have explicitly opted in will receive the token.