Workflow Interview Guide

During this call, you will be using the information gathered from the initial department-wide call to gather each team member's granular workflow

Before the call

Set up the Miro:

  • Go to the Miro board from the department-wide call

  • Copy the functions that are relevant to the person being interviewed, along with their workflow

  • Paste the functions and workflows into the person's 1:1 workflow interview Miro

  • Set them up in a horizontal fashion, with blank sticky notes underneath

  • Make the content of the title sticky notes bold, leaving all blank sticky notes unboldened. This will come in handy when pasting the information into notion.

During the call

When taking notes during the interview, going in a downward fashion underneath the relevant sticky note rather than horizontally next to it will make it easier to paste into notion later

Set expectations:

  • Are you ok with this call being recorded?

  • We are going to spend an hour breaking down the details of your work

  • We will finish the first iteration of the documentation and send it to you with comments asking for clarification, screenshots, and specific links.

  • Please finish that within a week so that we can send the final product by our deadline.

Re-clarify the goals:

Review the information you gathered about the goals of the documentation to ensure they are accurately understood and complete. This also provides valuable transcript information for the documentation.

  • How many separate functions can you categorize your work into? If you're not sure, let's stick with one.

  • What are your biggest challenges in the work?

Ask foundational questions:

  • What's the goal/purpose of the function? What are outputs and desired deliverables?

  • What can potentially go wrong when doing the work? What are the hazards and consequences of inadequate control?

  • What are some specific requirements, and constraints?

  • What's the exact workflow and process? Are you using any specific tools used during the process?

Ask additional questions, if there is time:

  • Are there important meetings that need to be attended?

  • What are specific documents or tools that need to be used in specific parts of the workflow?

  • For this function, what is the easiest thing to get started with?

  • Are there any resources you personally use? Are there any helpful resources for those who are just beginning?

  • How would you describe the working conditions? Is the work mentally demanding, physical, social?

  • What is the frequency and cadence of the work? How often does it have to be done and in which intervals?

Take into account that you will be entering the transcript into GPT. Keeping the conversation on track by sticking to one question at a time will help when getting GPT to generate content.

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