Decide on core topic and type of presentation

  • storytelling heavy: pick one core concept I want to communicate

  • educational: series of concepts and how they work

Watch presentations and good storytellers

  • Try to find similar type of content/goal

  • Gather notes and tangential ideas

  • reverse engineer their presentation structure. how are they capturing attention, how are the maintaining it? what is the story arch, what is the conclusion?

Prepare draft outline and story based on gathered notes

  • Ask someone for feedback on core topic and main points related to the topic. potentially arrange them in a specific order

  • review and elaborate on story based on initial feedback

Record audio version of the presentation

  • Ask someone else for feedback (higher granularity feedback)

  • make adjustments and re-record audio version. ask for feedback again

Create slides in

Polish details

  • share with more friends

Create memory palace for script

  • read script out loud and capture the immediate images that come to mind when emphasising on specific points


  • over the course of 3 days. sleep well in between


Debrief or take notes on the presentation

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