System Update

Analyze the current state of the system, find problems and update it to resolve issues.

Duration: Variable

Outcome: A smoother working system

Cost: Variable, depends on the workload

Required roles and responsibilities:

  • Operations Officer

    • Project setup

    • Monitoring

    • Retrospective

  • Workshop Facilitator

    • Two two-hour workshops

    • Presentation of deliverables

  • Solutions Architect

    • Two two-hour workshops

    • Two four-hour prototyping sessions

    • UX cleanup after user testing

    • Presentation of deliverables

  • Workflow Designer

    • Interview Experts

    • Write workflow

    • Review workflow with Experts

  • User Researcher

    • Interview guide

    • Five user interviews

    • Writing research report

    • Presentation of report

  • Tester Recruiter

    • Recruit five user testers

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