Check Content Calendar on Notion

  • Once the content writer is done drafting the posts, you would find those pages in the Ready for Review category on the Kanban board.

  • Shift those pages to In Review category to review them.

  • Open one of those pages and assign publishing deadlines to the page in the page properties.

Publishing deadline means the date at which the post goes live

Review the content

  • While reviewing ask questions like:

    • Does the one-liner title suffice the entire topic with ease?

    • Are the captions and body of the post simple and understandable?

    • Is there any need for attaching images or screenshots?

    • If yes, are the screenshots from the current version of the prototype available?

  • Based on the above questions try to rectify the content of post.

  • Also, make sure to recheck grammar and simplicity of the post using tools like Grammarly and Hemmingway Editor respectively.

Source additional content

  • If some content is missing—for instance, the screenshots provided by the content writer are outdated—then reach out to the content writer or the creative director of the project. Once the missing content is sourced, place them in relevant areas of the post.

  • For attaching illustrations, visit and download relevant illustrations from either the Flat style or Monochromatic style. Make sure the illustrations are set in #FF0088 HEX code.

Designing the Instagram posts

  • On the Awareness Figma file, duplicate the previous post’s frame and perform relevant changes—which includes but not limited to improving readability, making sure the titles/body adhere to the template, making the slides slidable, etc.

  • Rename the current frame’s name and the slices within that frame.

    <aside> ℹ️ Naming convention breakdown for “IG 0122 P3 S2” is as follows:

    • IG → Instagram

    • 0122 → January 2022

    • P3 → Post 3

    • S2 → Slide 2 </aside>

Export the Instagram posts

Select all the slices and export them at 1x size as JPEG. Save the exports in their respective folders on a local machine, e.g. 0122 posts go in the 0122 folder. If the folder doesn’t exist, create one.

Upload the Instagram posts

  • Get the account access for the Deep Work Instagram from the Awareness team.

  • Move all the exports to your phone through either USB or wireless transfer. (Samsung phones can use the Samsung Flow app or the Link to Windows feature)

  • Once the transfer is done, set reminders for uploading the posts on time.

  • At the scheduled time, select all the posts in a particular order and upload it on Instagram using relevant caption and hashtags.

Tweet the finalized content

  • If the finalized content is too long, break it down in the form of tweets and publish the thread using the tool Typefully.

  • Otherwise, just tweet out the content directly through the Twitter app or the website.

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