Monitoring Metrics and Server Capacity

Periodically, check PROD Monitoring metrics for time response spikes and 500 errors. If 500 errors occur, examine logs to determine the cause and implement a fix. In the case of time spikes, ensure the current server plan is sufficient to handle the workload, and consider upgrading if necessary.

Addressing Reported Bugs

When bugs are reported, attempt to reproduce the issue using the provided scenario. If reproducible, review the related front-end code to understand the logic and identify the root cause. Once determined, fix the issue and implement updates to prevent future occurrences (e.g., refactor code, add tests for specific use cases).

Database Maintenance and Consistency

Occasionally, update minor parts of the database where the user interface does not allow changes (e.g., reverting an action). It is vital to maintain consistency and keep the PROD environment clean.

Tracking Proposals and Requests

Monitor all proposals and requests, including those you have created and those that are good to have/fix/update, by creating tickets in the TODO list on the Notion table:

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