You can facilitate a retrospective either at the end of the project or additionally as a review in the middle, in case the total duration exceeds 3-4 weeks.

A simple retrospective with uncertainty about the continuation of the project just needs a presentation and quick review to capture the learnings and ensure that all completed work has been accounted for and compensated for.

In case the project continues right away, you can continue with the following process:

  • Write down all positives and negatives (7 minutes)

  • Read out all positives individually (1 minute each)

  • Read out all negatives individually (1 minute each)

  • Vote on negatives (3 minutes)

  • Brainstorm solutions for negatives (7 minutes)

  • Vote on solutions (3 minutes)

  • Discuss feasibility and delegate


Present and capture - 3min each

Ask each team member to present the results of their work. In case anyone has comments, make sure there is a Miro board to capture notes during the presentation.

Ask if anyone has noticed a team member do unnoticed work that needs to be pointed out. In case there was, make a note of it to discuss retroactive compensation of the work later.

Make sure that all changes get passed on to the project manager/owner to accurately document in the Deep Teams application.

If there is no certainty about continuing the work, you can stop here and start a new Kick-off workshop anytime in the future.

If project work continues and there is additional budget for the next sprint/project, take a note of the unnoticed work and who did it so you can include it in the budgeting at the end of the retrospective.

Brainstorm positives and negatives

Duration: 10min

Ask everyone to write down everything that stood out as positive (green notes) and everything you think that can be improved (red notes).

Read out positives and negatives

Duration: 10min

Let each participant read out the positives and negatives to provide a bit of context.

Brainstorm solutions

Duration: 7min Ask everyone to read through the negatives and place solution notes (blue) underneath in silence.

Delegate: 10min For the clearly actionable steps, delegate the work to the team. In difficult cases suggest improvements, create a governance proposal or reach out to the team lead to help solve the problem.​

Duration & Budgets

Duration - 5 min

Decide when the next check-in will be. This could be in two weeks or a month. This could be a workshop session or retrospective session. During this time, the team can discuss any budget requirements for the project. After the decided duration, we will see the results of our collaboration and be able to decide how to re-start or continue. Remind the participants that the results of their commitment will also stay with them as part of their Deep Teams profile!

Budget - 5 min

Agree on whether a function needs compensation or a budget. Evaluating the duration of each function can act as a reference to define the compensation.

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