Everyone on the project gets paid in accordance to the responsibility of project success and quality of work. The following is the progression from Community Member to Creative Director.

Community Member / Shadower

Unpaid shadowing

Community members can apply to join a project to simply observe and learn from the experience. If no work is contributed with and it's only a learning experience, the shadowing is unpaid. Shadowers still need to apply and be invited by the respective Expert.


X% of Expert's payment

Working with an Expert will give a Contributor the chance to improve their skills faster by working on actual client projects with high stakes while reducing the amount of work for the Expert. It should allow a Contributor to learn in their own interest, compensate them for the work they do (which they can add to their portfolio document), and receive valuable feedback from an Expert after the sprint.

Depending on the number of tasks delegated to a Contributor, the Expert decides on a percentage split of the total payment for the role, before the project starts.

If you are new to our Discord, you probably won't have capability badges/roles yet. After you successfully complete a task, you will receive one for each successfully completed task.

You can estimate the payment after discussing it with an Expert here:

Expert mentoring a Contributor

X% of Expert's payment + recruitment bonus

While a Contributor is working on any task, they need to be supervised as the Expert still carries responsibility for the success of the project. Since the Expert has the ability to reduce the amount of their work while ensuring high-quality deliverables, they can choose how much of the payment for the role they would like to pass on to the Contributor.

In case of collaboration, they will also receive a recruitment bonus, as specified by the Creative Director before the project.

You can calculate your payment split and recruitment bonus here:

Expert completing tasks alone

Full rate of Expert as defined by Deep Work before a project starts

Experts on the project carry the responsibility of success on their domain of expertise. Their rate is set by the Creative Director before a project starts.

Creative Director

% of the project profit

The Creative Director carries responsibility for the success of the entire project and is paid a percentage of the total price of the project.

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