Product Owner


  • Make sure Deep Teams operates adequately

  • Cover user’s needs and prioritise resources for the software development


  • Features might be broken

  • Interface might not be understandable

  • Users might experience friction when using it and drop off


Keep track of user feedback

The first step is to get a clear understanding of the requirements of the users and make sure that with each sprint, it is clear which stakeholder is being addressed.

Identify bugs and thoroughly test the application.

Ensure implementation-ready designs

Communicate updates to the person responsible ofSoftware Product Design and provide context on the necessary updates. Sketch concepts on paper if necessary. Double check results to confirm they are implementation ready.

Create engineering ticket in Notion

If an update is not urgent, write a ticket in the TODO section of this Notion page.

If something is urgent (functionally bug, etc), please write it directly in the Discord to #deep-teams.

Scope monthly sprint

Every month, review with the Backend and Frontend developer the scope of work and prioritise the most important tickets for the next sprint.

Evaluate technical constraints and reprioritize sprint-tickets

Based on the feedback from the engineering team, review if any of your suggested design solutions have technical limitations or constraints. If they do, reprioritize the tickets to ensure consistent progress of the following sprint.

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