Detailed Feedback

Writing out the detailed feedback involves very succinct writing skills and a diplomatic use of language. First, categorize the feedback from the notes into chunks. Either by screens, segments of mental models, or by contextual topics you think the client should think in.

Then, write out the notes you (or your partner) took during the interview into human-readable language. Make sure it's very clear what is positive about the feedback, what is negative, what users have pointed out in general, and what could be directions of improvement (in that order).

It's sometimes also useful to add quotes (as long as they reflect a general opinion) and summarize concerns or thoughts for improvement.

Find the overlaps between several testers and think about how it could extrapolate onto a broader user-base.

Always explain why you think the feedback is relevant and what it means. If people liked it, why? If there an opportunity for improvement, why does it exist and what does it mean in the long term?

Here are a few examples of well-written reports:

Maple Deep Work Hypersprint Summary (starting on page 3)

Skillz Deep Work Hypersprint Debrief (start at page 4)

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