Treasury Payments


When a governance proposal is raised, the proposer is instructed to raise the actions required and the representative who is going to execute them. They are to check this before making the proposal. For example, if there is a payment in USDC or DEEP, who is going to make that payment or transfer on a successful vote.

Checking Amounts

When a treasury payment in USDC or DEEP is requested, the requester will enter the Representative whom they have agreed will make the payment. There will be a payment notification in Discord. It is your responsibility to check the figures are correct to the governance proposal.

Making Payments USDC

Create a project in Deep Finanance following the process in:

Creating Projects and Payments

Making Payments DEEP

DEEP Payments Due:

  • Check all DEEP calculations are correct.

  • In COLUMN M: Add your name

  • In your sheet, you can move the tokens to the 'Paid' tab

What happen's next?

  • The amounts will be checked at the monthly finance meeting.

  • New tokens will be minted as part of the monthly finance process.

  • The Finance Director will distribute the new tokens (no transactions for the creative director/representative 👍)

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