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Newsletter Writer


  • Inform community about important events
  • Publish a newsletter with actionable steps to get involved


  • Write bullet points throughout the month around what has been happening in the organization, categorised by team.
  • Record the bi-weekly heartbeat session.
  • Extract the transcript, upload it to AskYourPDF.
  • Use the transcript in GPT along with the notes to create a summary with each team as a header.
    • Convert the discussion from the transcript above into a newsletter with the headers from the following notes:
  • Improve the output text by adhering to the following format:
    • Use bullet points for each section with keywords in bold
    • Use shorter than 30 words per sentence
    • Replace adjectives with data
    • Eliminate weasel words
    • Pass the “so what” test
    • Avoid jargon & acronyms
    • Use subject-verb-object structure
    • Avoid clutter
  • Review the result manually, add links
  • Create top section for the newsletter
  • Add images
  • Publish