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There are several scenarios for invoicing or requesting payment from Deep Work.

Project-based work

For all project-based work, please use the appropriate request form for the department you are working in:

Please make sure you have read and understood the timings and Payment Terms below before submitting a payment request.

Small tasks and bounties

Profit share

Every month, Deep Work distributes a share of all profits to everyone who contributed with work. The more profit Deep Work generates, the higher will be the profit share. Most contributions to the resilience of Deep Work are compensated this way. Read more here.

Praise for small tasks

If see anyone doing something valuable, you can give them praise (by typing /praise in any channel on Discord). This will put them on a list, which will be reviewed and compensated by representatives every month.


You can submit and claim bounties in Discord.

Payment Method

Payments will be made in xDAI on Gnosis Chain

Payments are made by:

  • Team members are paid once a project finishes by the Creative Director.

  • Creative Directors and Departments are paid once the final invoice is paid.

  • All other payments are paid once per month by the fifth working day of the month.

  • See the full terms below.

Payment Terms


Team Payments, Experts and Collaborators:

Payments requests received on the final day of the project*:

The project's creative director will make the payment within 5 working days of the project finishing - usually defined as the final presentation or retrospective.

For projects in USDC on Ethereum, payments received by the last working day of the month are paid on the 2nd working day of the month.

Creative Directors, Product Creators:

Payments requests received on the final day of the project:

The project's creative director will make the payment within 5 working days after receiving the final invoice from the client.


Team payments submitted before the 11pm GMT on the last day of the month:

Paid on the 5th working day of the following month by the department representative.


*Please note, if an invoice or payment request is not sent on the final project day, and the creative director has already made the team payments, the creative director may take up to 15 working days to complete the payment. This helps the creative directors make the payment on one day and not chase or pay individually.

If there is an error on your payment request or the wrong amount is requested, this may cause a delay.

We may have to delay or in extreme cases deny payment if a project is completed and thirty days pass without a payment request.


Deep Work will not pay invoices that have not been agreed or include rates that are above what is documented in our docs, discord, etc.

It is your responsibility to check the rate you should invoice with a Deep Work creative director before work commences. If it is higher than what is agreed or documented we can refuse payment of any excess.

Client non-payment

If the case of a client not paying, please make sure you agree and understanding the following terms before agreeing to any project:

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