This workflow is project-based, whenever an opportunity for improvement or an input controller wants to explore a process or strategy related to financial systems existing or new to Deep Work.

It is only accessible to a controller: currently representatives.

It is split into three stages following a linear pattern. Stage one scopes a project and a project may not continue beyond that stage after the controller accesses the value to the organisation.


Goal: strategy, consultation and implementation of and on financial and legal systems in the org for controllers.


  • Legal implications of new systems in the org.

  • Financial implications of overall financial health, budgets and cash flow not considered.

  • Poor tooling and processes to manage finances.

Workflow stages:

1) Scoping and Research

  • Review controller requests.

  • Make a small simulation of financial impact to organisation.

  • Provide estimated costs, timelines and tools required to implement.

  • Present to controller and make recommendations to decide continuation into Steps 2 and 3.

2) Analyses and Strategy


  • Create a user journey of new financial process or tool (if required).

    • Fit into existing function's user journey if required.

    • Work with representative or function with understanding of the tasks if required.

  • Simulate the financial impact of the solution:

    • E.g. impact on budgets or annual cost or saving.

  • Research tools that will support the user journey, reduce friction and costs and deliver an overall delightful experience for the stakeholders/users.

    • Find the most low-cost collection of tools that will solve the problem. Keep in mind that the onboarding to these tools should be as low as possible too, ideally reducing friction in the short- and long term.


  • During this analyses and strategy phase, estimate the amount of work to implement and tool or change. In order to negotiate and agree on a fair compensation for the financial system or tool.

  • If the change impacts functions or multiple functions, do what is required of the following:

    • Conduct structured user interviews, asking potential users who will be affected by the change their input.

    • Review the user journey, simulation of financial impact and required tooling from the controller.


  • Create recommendations for the organisation consisting of:

    • User journey

    • Simulation of financial impact

    • Required tooling

  • Seek approval of the above from the controller who made the request to move onto stage 3:

3) Tools and Implementation

  • Implement changes or a new tool or update the current infrastructure of existing tools.

    • E.g. create spreadsheet, update budget, tool like Grid

  • Add changes to the documentation in GitBook.

  • Review and get feedback from controller.

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