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To make sure testers are paid, you'll need to do a transaction and a small amount of accounting for Deep Work Studio Limited. You can follow the steps on the following typeform:

These steps must be completed or the user testers will not get paid.

Find & Source

This is a guide on how to find testers and where to do so. Note: This applies to all the UTS_Find tasks (2-6)

Confirm target users with the project team & understand target users in-depth, understanding target users in depth will tremendously ease the whole process.

Finding testers requires patience, the best and healthiest way to do it is to set a target of scheduling one tester per day, or more depending on the duration left, meaning that you need to start the scout a couple days before the UR day depending on how many testers you're planning to find. I usually start my scout 7 days prior to the user research day when scouting for 6 testers, keeping an extra day for bad luck days. But generally, it's healthy to set a target, which then when achieved you could go enjoy your day. Keep in mind, the first day of scouting and the first round are always difficult, it takes time for everything to make sense. Make sure not to stress!

Look for DAOs that could contain potential participants from the target audience, there are some good search engines to use in finding DAOs by categories like:

Another way of finding relevant sources is through discord servers search engine, but keep in mind that it is relatively less efficient in finding the relevant sources.

if branding workshops took place on the project you're working on, you can take a look at the workshop board, it could contain some extra information about the target audience and could help you understand the target audience more.

Note: Methods are arranged based on the most efficient to the least efficient


Upon finding a relevant DAO, you can join the discord, and start shooting direct massages to their active members/team. Screening those members shouldn't be as long as screening potential participants from irrelevant sources, it's highly likely they're already a fit if the DAO is relevant to the target audience.

When shooting direct massages, try to keep it as short as possible and it should also sound interesting and potentially with more value than the financial incentive. To increase the odds of them replying back with interest, don't just spam messages, try personalizing them to each person you're sending the messages to, like using their name, mentioning how/where did you find them, and why are you reaching out specifically to them, and last but not least, breaking them down into multiple messages to avoid people thinking it's bot generated spam.

Something like this ⬇ could be enough to fire a convo, and then you could proceed with the screening if the person shows interest.

''Hey [name], coming from [X] discord server. This might sound a bit weird but we're looking for testers that are [User profile] to give us some feedback on our prototype on an online call (30-45mins) and we're also happy to compensate you $45 paypal or amazon. by any chance, if you have the time, would you like to help out?''

There is some stuff to also keep in mind when using DMs to scout testers :

  • Be a quick replier - Some testers might lose interest quickly since they might be in it for helping out, and not the cash incentive.

  • Be Nice.

  • Screening can be longer if they reach out first, otherwise, if you are the one that reaches out, keep it as efficient & short as possible.

  • After making sure they are a perfect fit, send them the Calendly link.

  • Confirm the tester profile with the team and/or the Tester Scout lead.


You could also post some posts in public groups/DAOs, some will have their own channel for such testing/gigs inquiries, some won't, If they don't have an appropiriate channel for it, you can reach out to the team and/or mods to get them to approve your post upon proofing legitimacy, and if they sound cool, you can also offer them to screen them to take part ;)

Upon approval of the message, you can post something like this:

Hey friends, we're currently helping a new web3 project on their product design. Would anyone here spare 30-45min to jump on a call with us on [date] to give some feedback on their prototype? We're looking in particular for [TARGET AUDIENCE] and will compensate you with a $45 Amazon gift card or PayPal. Feel free to hit me up if you are interested!

If the message was not yet approved and you're in a hurry, you can post something like this, but it's still likely to get removed

Hey friends, we're currently helping a new web3 project on their product design. Would anyone here spare 30-45min to jump on a call with us on [date] to give some feedback on their prototype? We're looking in particular for [TARGET AUDIENCE] and will compensate you with a $45 Amazon gift card or PayPal. Feel free to hit me up if you are interested! Btw, mods, feel free to DM me if you'd like to verify this 🙂


Try to avoid using it if the target audience is web3 focused and only use it in desperate times, due to the higher possibility of getting bad fits, based on our previous observations, although, it's good to note that it could be helpful if it's a general target audience.

This is the Reddit way, basically finding relevant subreddits to post in - They could be anywhere from products, to communities, to companies that could contain people from the target audience.

Hey everyone, we're currently designing a [INSERT HERE] related platform.

Tuesday (x/xx/xxxx) we are running interviews that take about 30-45min each.

We will send you a link to a prototype and you can share your thoughts as you click through it.

After the testing session we will send you a $45 Amazon gift card or $45 PayPal.


  • You are a tech savvy creative building new experiences on top of tokens/NFTs - Ideally you already experimented with some interactive, gamified NFTs.

Feel free to drop me a DM if you're interested!

Thanks so much and hope to see you there!

Note: Mods, please drop me a DM if you would like to verify.

Consider any of the following subreddits if the target audience is general and is NOT fully web3 focused:

Sending Reminders

Sending out reminders one day prior to testing is critical. Make sure to also remind them via direct chat if possible. Something like this ⬇ should be enough.

''Hey! we're looking forward to hearing your feedback tomorrow, please don't hesitate to ask me if you've got any questions''

Assist UR

Note: You need to have full-day online availability with a response time of not more than 25mins to reply back if the user researcher faces any problems with any of the participants

Difficulty: 7/10

Duration: 0-100 min

  • Stay available on discord throughout the user research day, in case the user researcher needs any help with any of the testers.

  • Ping late testers.

  • Manage no shows either re-schedule them for another time that day, or if possible the next round.

  • Find alternatives to cover up the no-shows.


Amazon Gift Card Payments

  1. Go to the gift card page using your personal account.

3. Send out the gift card and confirm action in #Tester-payments.

PayPal Payments

  • Have balance or card linked to your paypal account.

  • Send out $47.25 so the recipient could receive the $45 as promised (without fee deduction)

  • Send out the payment using the "Friends and family'' feature

  • Confirm action with the creative director.

Getting a refund

  • Confirm all processed payments in #tester-payments.

  • Invoice Deep Work here to get refunded at the end of the month (in USDC)

Some testers invoice before the session and never show up - Make sure you only pay testers that attended the user test session

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