Here's a guide for Illustration Designers.

Project Onboarding

When you begin a new project, you will either conduct an Alignment Workshop or receive an overview from the Workshop Facilitator. If you are conducting the workshop, please reference the Branding Sprints - Session 2 Alignment Workflow. The information from this workshop will determine the direction of each illustration.

Create or Review Illustration Styleboards

Styleboards help create direction and keep things on track. Use the information from the Alignment Workshop to create a design storyboard for the illustrations. Styleboards should be complete before the Review Workshop, which is typically scheduled 3 days after the Alignment Workshop.

The focus of illustration styleboards should be style, content, and color examples. Make sure they fit the typeface, size, and colors determined in the Alignment Workshop. The content of illustrations should be loosely related to the content the client is looking for. If it is exactly what they are asking for, there is no need for an illustration to be made. If it is completely unrelated, it will be difficult to ensure alignment.

Steps for styleboarding:

  • Use the Moodboard from the Alignment Workshop to create your storyboard.

  • Cluster visual research from the workshop into style groups.

  • Get more examples for each style group to clarify type of style, colors, and layout variations.

  • Break down style groups into 2-3 main directions with 4 sub-categories each – Color, Typo, Layout, Key Visual.

  • Post your progress in the project's Discord channel to get feedback from internal team (facilitator, brand designer etc).

  • Refine Boards and research additional material if needed.

  • Make sure your storyboard is presentable in the Alignment Workshop's Miro board.

Attend Review Workshop 1

Attend the first section of the first Review Workshop. During this portion of the Review Workshop, you will have the opportunity to receive feedback on your styleboards. This feedback will let you know if you are on the same page and act as an anchor that can be referenced during the creation process. It can also be referenced if the client's preferences change.

First Iteration

Use the client's feedback about the styleboard to create a first iteration of the illustration(s) for the project. You can always reference the Figma board that will be shared by the Product Designer. Paste screenshots of the first iteration of each illustration under the moodboard in Miro.

Send Final Iteration to Creative Director

The Creative director will ensure the iteration fits in with the rest of the website design and the desires of the client. They will provide feedback on what to improve. With this information, iterate and submit for approval until the illustration(s) is complete.

Attend Review Workshop 2 & Create Final Iteration

During the first section of Review Workshop 2, you will receive feedback from the client regarding your first iterations. Use this information to create a new iteration that will be presented at the Final Presentation.

Attend Final Presentation

At the Final Presentation Workshop, you will have the opportunity to spend 5-10 minutes presenting your final iteration. Once you have received the client's approval, send the finished product to the Creative Director who will ensure it reaches the client in the Project Completion stage.

See the Final Presentation page for more information:

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