Create budget sheet and calculate quote

Before writing the proposal, calculate how much the project will cost. Familiarise yourself with existing projects and budget sheet templates to find the best fit.

Click here to explore the budget sheets for different projects. Create one either from a template or from a previous project.

If you need to calculate rates of days, refer to this spreadsheet with daily rate estimations.

Project Scope and Duration

Refer to the Projects section in this documentation to evaluate the scope and duration of projects.

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You can also estimate how it would look including weekends by mapping it out on Asana.

Write and send the proposal

Write the proposal based on a template for what could fit Deep Work's suite of products. If the scope is not standardized yet, make sure you review the cost using the budget sheet.

Click here to access previous proposals or use a template.

Once written, double-check with another team member or creative director and send it out.

More details on how to create a proposal can be found here:

pageProposal and Quote

Create Telegram group with the client

Once the client confirms the proposal, you can continue with the project setup and, if it seems right, create a more direct channel for communication - for example a group chat in Telegram.

Create a project overview document

Create a document in Notion (or any other platform) that the team members can refer to for details on the project. It should contain:

  • Project details, based on your notes from the client conversations. Make sure to include everything you consider important to each team member.

  • Scope of work, including any extras or special requests.

  • Proposal you sent to the client.

  • Budget breakdown including all costs, to make compensation to the team clear.

  • Additional notes and files

In the course of the project setup, you can also add:

  • Invoices

  • Deep Teams project link

  • Reference material from the client

Team Setup

Ask the team about their availability. You can also check current project schedules in Asana.

Once the client has confirmed the proposal, suggest the earliest starting date considering a buffer for your team and the client team to prepare.

To set up the team you need to send the potential team members:

  • The overview document from the previous step.

  • The project budget sheet and payments

  • An overview of potential dates in Asana

More information on the process can be found on:

pageTeam Setup

You're responsible for finding the team availability, negotiating payments and sending the start date to the client.

Send the client the SoW and upfront invoice

Ask the client to fill out the Statement-of-Work Typeform and transfer the amount from the upfront invoice.

Only when the upfront payment is made the project start can be considered confirmed.

Follow this section for more details:

pageInvoice & Statement of Work

Please make sure that all the client has seen all the steps from the Typeform, especially when using an alternative way of signing the SoW.

Project handover to Creative Director

If you are not the creative director on the project, please fill out this checklist and pass it on to them to make sure no information is missed:

If there are any custom changes to the process, please write your own checklist and hand it to the Creative Director who will continue working on the project.

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