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Paying the Department team or Treasury payments

Department xDAI Payments

For xDAI payments, execute the payment requests in the xDAI on Gnosis sheet. You can find the corresponding wallet on the list on Representative Monthly Finances.

Treasury Payments

For xDAI or DEEP payments from the treasury, please follow the process for Treasury Payments and execute the transactions from the following wallets: DEEP Tokens Treasury or xDAI Treasury.


Export Payment CSV

  • Copy the first five columns of the payment spreadsheet for your department.

  • Create a new google spreadsheet

  • Paste the first five columns, you should have a spreadsheet that looks like:

  • Go to File, Download, Common Separated Values (.csv)

  • This will download a .csv file.

Make payments via Gnosis SAFE

  • Go to your Gnosis SAFE where the client revenue was received.

  • See the table at the top of this page to find the link to the correct Department Gnosis SAFE.

  • Go to Apps then open "CSV Airdrop"

  • Upload the CSV.

  • Check the data output corresponds to your spreadsheet and no errors have been made.

  • Note: a common error is a mistyped wallet address or a wallet address with a space at the end, troubleshoot and correct if necessary.

  • Click SUBMIT

  • Sign the transaction in your wallet.

Second Representative Sign

For the payment to go through, a second signature is required from another Representative. This is a check system to make sure what your sending is correct and for any UI/wallet hacks. Make sure the Representative you reach out to is aware of what they're checking.

  • Go to Transactions > Queue

  • Select the transaction and copy the link.

  • Send the transaction link to another Representative and ask them to approve the transaction.

Execute Transaction

Once the transaction has two confirmations, you can execute.

  • Use the link above to find the transaction. Or go to Transactions > Queue.

  • Click the execute button.

  • Execute the transaction from your wallet.

  • There will be a small gas fee in xDAI. If you don't have any xDAI, please reach out to Charlie as Finance Director to provide you with $1 for transactions.

Mark Payments Complete

Move any rows that have been paid to the "Paid" sheet.

  • This makes sure there are no duplicate payments.

  • It also updates the Deep Work cash flow forecast to show pending payments.

Alert the #payments channel in Discord to the payment being made.

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