Monitoring Systems

Monitor internal events to evaluate impact on the financial systems and condition of the organisation.

  • Receive signals of issues, bugs or un-intended use of financial systems from community members

  • Be available to respond to messages to maintain healthy financial system.

  • Support financial decisions from the Representatives by calculating the impact on the cashflow.


  • Maintain documentation relating to existing finance systems.

  • Fix bugs, respond to issues, make recommendations from signals to maintain existing financial systems are operational at all times.

Complete Monthly Projects

Complete and pay monthly projects and pay the team. Re-set the projects that will reoccur next month.

Log accurate expenses in the calculator

In the cashflow calculator, enter the relevant expenses, if needed.

Cover software costs

  • Check balance on fiat account

  • Top up if necessary

  • Repay from the treasury

For more details, see: SaaS Repayment

Distribute funds to departments

  • Before the end of the month - check if departments need to adjust their budgets at all and aid in the process of updating budgets.

Schedule project payments

  • Update projects and their respective payments in the departments in Coda

Ensure enough DEEP tokens are in the Treasury


Treasury Payments:

Treasury Payments

Profit Share:

Profit Bonus Scheme

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