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Get Started

This guide is a simple outline of how to start working at Deep Work. It is not a replacement for the knowledge base and the rest of the documentation.

Think about why you want to join

Being part of Deep Work provides a blend of professional growth, personal development, and well-being — all within an inclusive community that values openness, fairness, and mutual respect.
We have our own software that helps you keep track of your work and display your skills and experience. We value your work, give helpful feedback, and care about your health. We're open about what we do, and we choose to work on projects that are interesting and make a difference.
Please consider why you are interested in working with us, it will make it easier for you to make choices around monetary and non-monetary compensation of your work.

Join the Deep Work Discord

The first step is to join the Deep Work Discord. As you join, most channels will be hidden from you and only unlocked once you sign the Collaborator Typeform below. It asks you a few basic questions and to sign a contract to make sure you don't damage client relationships. Read the #start-here channel for an overview of the most important channels.
It's important that you complete steps 1., 2. and 3. in order to be found by other members of a community and get paid for your work!

Create an account in Deep Teams

Before you can start working on a project, please create an account on our internal project management platform Deep Teams. Feel free to explore the app or continue reading the documentation on how to Discover Work.
In order to get paid, you will need to provide your Ethereum mainnet address. If you have trouble verifying your account, please wait for 5 minutes, check your spam folder, click "Forgot Password" or try a different address. iCloud aliases seem to have issues.
You can create an account as an individual or represent a team that will remain anonymous behind your profile.
Just remember that the reputation and compensation will be gathered only the profile you registered with and is non-transferrable.

Sign the Contributor Typeform

Please make sure you spell your Discord name correctly and without the # or account number. Otherwise the Typeform/Zapier won't find you and you will have to re-submit your application.
Before you can immerse yourself in client-facing Deep Work projects, you need to sign an agreement and leave a few details about yourself. This will create a portfolio document and make it easier for others to see if you are a fit on a project.
You can fill out the Collaborator Typeform here. After you completed it, a message in the #introductions channel should appear with your name.

Subscribe to our community calendar

All community events are open for participation and usually facilitated by someone.
You will find all open events in the Community calendar: (Or announced 1 hour before the start in the #discussion channel)
Internal projects also appear on the same calendar.

Subscribe to our newsletter

The newsletter is a great way to keep up to date with job opportunities, project statuses, and governance decisions.

Connect on social media

Keep up to date and communicate with us on social media.

Familiarize with work etiquette

Before starting to work, please make sure you learn best practices for work etiquette below:

Start working

There are two primary methods to begin your working journey with Deep Work and build a reputation.
The first method involves discovering existing projects and joining teams that require assistance or additional workforce. To explore this option, refer to our guide on finding work:
The second method entails creating new projects by introducing a client to Deep Work, connecting DeepWork with another organization, or identifying synergies between various organizations. If this interests you, proceed to our client onboarding protocol here:
In order to stay focused, we recommend customising notifications of the tools you use. Here's a simple way to hide irrelevant or noisy channels from Discord:

Get paid

In order to get compensated for your work in fiat and DEEP tokens, understand the payment terms, timings and edge cases, please refer to the following documentation: