During the Project

As mentioned in the workflow, it is your responsibility to ensure that the value provided by the team is higher than the perceived price of the project. To keep this in balance you may have to extend the scope (for additional requests) or amend the price - in case of missed expectations or team errors.

More on that below.

Interim or Milestone Invoices

It is your responsibility to issue and check that the client has paid any interim or milestone invoices. The project can not continue until these are paid. See the instructions in the project setup for creating an invoice.

Finding user testers

Generally, finding user testers is part of the User Tester Recruiter role. Please make sure they are happy with finding testers and check if they need any help.

If for any reason you are doing the role on the behalf of the Tester Recruiter, please make sure you follow the documentation and complete all steps. Importantly the steps regarding accounting.

Managing Scope Changes, Issues, and Budget Alterations

As the Creative Director, it is your responsibility to anticipate potential client dissatisfaction and be prepared to adapt the project scope accordingly. This might involve suggesting alterations, modifying workflows, or reinforcing the current scope through clear communication with the client. When dealing with such situations, you should prioritize:

  1. Exceeding client expectations.

  2. Maintaining team wellbeing and morale.

The following are some scenarios where scope changes or issues may arise:

  • The client is dissatisfied with the designs or visual direction.

  • The client's goals evolve over time, which may not always be immediately apparent. If you suspect such a shift, halt the project temporarily and arrange a one-on-one meeting with the client or key stakeholder to clarify their intentions.

  • The client requests additional scope, such as more illustrations, logos, or designed pages.

Once you identify that a scope change is required, refer to the guidelines on this page:

Project Changes

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