Contractor Agreement

Deep Work Network Ltd, Independent Consultant Contract

1. Information

The date of this Agreement is ______________________ (the "Signing Date")

This consultancy contract and it sets out the terms of your services and relationship with the Company.

The contract is kept as simple as possible.

2. The Work and Rates

2.1 Your agreed day rate whilst working with the Company is _______________________ per day.

2.2 Before starting any project with the Company it is your responsibility to set how many days it will take to complete the project and agree deliverables.

2.3 Extra hours that have not been agreed to meet the deliverables will not be paid unless pre-agreed between the Consultant and Client.

2.4 Defined rates and process for services;

For Design Sprints, if covering the full process we pay for six days at your agreed day rate / at ___________ per day. It is expected you'll meet the following deliverables regardless of time:

  • Pre-Project: Client Research and Onboarding

  • Collaboration Sessions - Maximum Roughly Four Hours

  • Work with another designer to produce a high-fidelity prototype

  • Conduct five user tests and prepare a final report

  • Post-Project: One-hour client call to present findings and prioritize their next steps.

  • Feedback: One-hour retrospective session with the Deep Work team

3. Terms

3.1 Deep Work Network Ltd engages you to provide product design services. Details of these services are as follows:

  • Work directly with clients on research, design, consultation and facilitation.

  • Be responsible and communicate with Deep Work's clients, representing as Deep Work.

  • Various user experience and product design tasks and work for Deep Work's clients and Deep Work.

4. Status and substitution

4.1 The relationship between the Client and the Consultant will be that of "independent contractor" which means that the Consultant is not the Client's employee, worker, agent or partner, and the Consultant will not give the impression that he/she is.

4.2 As this is not an employment contract the Consultant will be fully responsible for all his/her own tax including any national insurance contributions arising from carrying out the Services. If the Client has to pay any such tax or national insurance contributions, the Consultant will pay back to the Client in full, any money that the Client has to pay, and he/she will also pay back the Client for any fine or other punishment imposed on the Client because the tax or national insurance contributions were not paid by the Consultant.

4.3 The Consultant may, with the agreement in writing of the Client and subject to the rest of this clause, appoint a suitably qualified and skilled substitute to perform the Services on his/her behalf. The Client may refuse to accept any substitute if it is not reasonably satisfied that the substitute has the necessary skills and qualifications to provide the Services to the Client's reasonable satisfaction. If the Client accepts the substitute, the Consultant shall be entitled to any payment or fee, and the Consultant shall be responsible for any payment agreed between the substitute and the Consultant, and any additional costs incurred by the Client during any handover period. The substitute shall sign an agreement on such terms as shall be agreed with the Client.

4.4 The Consultant shall be responsible for any problems arising as a result of the provision of the Services and the Consultant shall put these problems right at its own cost where the Client notifies the Consultant in writing of the problem.

4.5 Neither the Consultant nor the Client will be liable to the other for failure or delay in carrying out this Agreement, which is caused by an event beyond their reasonable control and that they could not have foreseen, or which was unavoidable. This includes industrial disputes, energy or transport failures, acts of God, war, terrorism, civil unrest, explosions, mechanical breakdown, natural disasters, deliberate damage, or failures of suppliers or sub-contractors to do what they are supposed

5. General

5.1 This is the whole Agreement between the Client and the Consultant and replaces any previous agreements between them.

5.2 If either the Client or the Consultant wants to change this Agreement, the change must be in writing and must be signed by both of them.

5.3 This Agreement may be signed separately by the Client and the Consultant, in which case the separate copies will together be taken as the whole Agreement.

5.4 This Agreement and any dispute or claim relating to or connected with it (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.

5.5 The Company and the Client agree that the courts of England and Wales are the only place where disputes or claims relating to or connected with this Agreement (including non-contractual disputes or claims) may be decided.

6. Signing

Please confirm that You agree to the terms of this Agreement by signing below.



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Deep Work Network Ltd.

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