Project Completion

At the end of the project you need to complete all the following tasks.

Project Payments:

To be completed within five working days of the project finishing.

Before making payments, please make sure all mentoring/recruitment bonuses are correctly entered in Deep Teams in case mentoring through Deep Skills has taken place:

Creating Projects and Payments

Project Completion

Project completion in Deep Skills is currently slightly wonky but we are working on making it more straightforward.

Step 1: Create a case study on our website

Prepare all working files and submit them through the Editor in Webflow (here's how) to our website. Ask the project team when you can release the case study and set it as a draft until then. If you have any questions or know the release date, please communicate it to a team lead or representative.

Step 2: "Complete project" in Deep Skills

Step 3: Complete the team payments in Deep Teams. You should be directed to do so through the app, here is the link just in case.

Step 4: You will receive a message from Deep Skills to complete the project for each role you have owned and request the payment. Please follow the instructions and leave the team some feedback.

Step 5: Move the project channel to the ARCHIVE category in Discord. This will hide the channel and only Experts will be able to see it.

To be completed within five days of the project finishing.

Step 6: Send the client the design deliverables

Make sure to include the expected delivery date of the final build. Here's a template message, feel free to adjust to suit your tone of voice:

Hey team! Thank you so much for being part of the project with Deep Work, we had an amazing time working with you. I just wanted to send you all the files you need: The presentation document: [link to Google Slides] Prototype files: [link to Figma]

The final build can be expected by [ETA] If you would like to give us anonymous feedback on your experience, you can do it here: We wish you a wonderful day and hope to see you soon! Your Deep Work team --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit this link to stop these emails:

Step 7: Send the client the final Webflow build, and include the Webflow builder's video walk-through.

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