Making Payments

Process for paying team and costs at the end of a project, using Deep Finance application.


The system uses some manual workarounds to use the first version of the Deep Finance application with existing tools and processes at Deep Work. Please bear with it whilst we iterate and automate.
If you're using this new system for the first time, please reach out to Charlie (via Discord) or book a call to onboard and go through the process first time.

Payment Type:

Deep Work Studio (Design) Projects:

For: Product Design - Prototype, Product Design - Implementation Only, Branding and Visual Identity and Custom Deep Work Studio projects where there was mentoring.
There are some additional steps to find the correct payments outlined on the following page.
Please return to this page after completing the above

All other projects (in Deep Skills):

Follow the steps below.

Other payment requests (not a project in Deep Skills):

Create a new project in Deep Finance and enter the data manually rather than from Deep Skills whilst following the steps below.

Payment Checklist

Please complete the checklist:
  • You understand the "Payment Type" above.
  • Project is completed and finished
  • Client or stakeholder has paid the final invoice (if applicable)
  • All team and project costs are final and any adjustments have been made to the project Grid or budget sheet
  • Experts and collaborators have set their split rates in the Deep Skills application (this would have been done at the start and can't be changed)

Creating a project in Deep Finance

  • Create a new project in the Deep Finance application
  • Enter the project details:
    • Find the project in Deep Skills
    • Copy the project title and description from Deep Skills.
    • Add the following data:
      • Blockchain: Ethereum
      • ERC-20 Base Token Contract: (DAI): 0x6B175474E89094C44Da98b954EedeAC495271d0F
      • ERC-20 Governance Token Contract (DEEP): 0x857c02F825fa8b1E9a1f7248c6C089b5874e30A8

Inputting team roles and payment amounts

  • Add a new role:

Add a new role

Add each role and copy the payment data for the team from Deep Skills to Deep Payments.
  • Role: See point (1) in Deep Skills example below
  • Assignee: See point (2) in Deep Skills example below / Make sure you select the correct user in the Deep Skills application / leave blank if the user has not registered in Deep Finance
  • Tasks: Copy the name in the Role
  • Compensation:
Data from Deep Skills:
Input screen Deep Finance:
Input data here

Adding Collaborators

Make sure you add each team role including a new role for each collaborator. There is one entry point of data different:
  • Role: [See point (1) in Deep Skills example above] + "Collaborator"
    • e.g. "Operations Representative Collaborator"

Adding non-Team Costs and Fees

Applicable to Product Design - Prototype, Product Design - Implementation Ready, Branding and any custom Design Department projects. Not an exhaustive list, this could include any non-team member based cost or fee.

User Testers

  • Not applicable since the funds would have already been transferred as part of the user tester payment process.
If applicable: please check this has been completed.


Add one of the following fees as a role (if applicable)
Make sure you have updated your Grid with the final payment amounts from the Deep Skills for the team roles.
Assigne (user in Deep Finance)
Compensation Base
Compensation Governance
Product Design - Prototype
Product Design - Prototype - Creator Fee
Product Design - Creator Fee
Creator Fee
As per project Grid Budget
Product Design - Implementation Ready
Product Design - Implementation Ready - Creator Fee
Product Design - Creator Fee
Creator Fee
As per project Grid Budget
Branding - Creator Fee
Branding - Creator Fee
Creator Fee
As per project Grid Budget

Project Gross Profit

Add the following user as a role (if applicable)
Make sure you have updated your Grid with the final payment amounts from the Deep Skills for the team roles.
Assigne (user in Deep Finance)
Compensation Base
Compensation Governance
Gross Profit
Deep Work Treasury
Gross Profit
As per project Grid Budget
This will send the amount to the Deep Work main-net treasury.

Checking Payments and User Registrations

  • Click Create Project
You'll have the following page:
  • Check all payment amounts are correct.
  • Send the page link to any users that need to register and 'apply' for roles that you were not able to assign.
Non-registered users, it's possible that a user or team member has not registered, if so, share the Deep Payments application link and make sure they apply to the correct role. It's your responsible to check that rogue users do not apply.

Making Payments

Make sure you complete the checklist:
  • All users have registered and applied to the correct roles.
  • Funds are available in the appropiate wallet (see table below to check wallet addresses on the SAFE application).

Manage Payments

Click manage payments for the following screen:
There are two processes depending if you are paying stable coins base (DAI) or governance tokens (DEEP).

DAI Requests:

  • Check amounts
  • Connect the correct wallet where the payment funds are held:

Connecting wallet:

Connect a wallet via Wallet Connect:
Deep Experiences
Deep Work Studio
Operational Costs (Deep Work Studio Limited, UK)
Research and Development
DAO Consultancy
Creative Directors:
Creative Director
Gnosis SAFE

Transaction Signature

  • Select all payments
  • Click "Execute Payments"
  • Following the instructions in Gnosis to sign the transaction

Second Stakeholder Sign

For the payment to go through, a second signature is required from another Representative or Creative Director. This is a check system to make sure what your sending is correct and for any UI/wallet hacks. Make sure the Representative you reach out to is aware of what they're checking.
  • Go to the wallet where you signed the transaction in Gnosis SAFE (See tables above for links)
  • Go to Transactions > Queue
  • Select the transaction and copy the link.
  • Send the transaction link to another stakeholder (representative or creative director) and ask them to approve the transaction (but not execute).

Execute Transaction

Once the transaction has two confirmations, you can execute.
You will need ETH in your wallet to pay for gas, you will get this repaid in the DAI value in the next step.
  • Use the link above to find the transaction. Or go to Transactions > Queue.
  • Click the execute button.
  • Execute the transaction from your wallet.
  • Save the etherscan link for the next step.

Expensing Gas

  • This requires
    • Your Ethereum address
    • The amount to expense in DAI
    • Etherscan link the transaction
  • You will paid back at the start of a new month as part of the monthly Finance Director process.

DEEP Requests:

  • Check all amounts in the application are correct.
  • Click "Export as csv"
  • Open the csv file, and...
  • Copy the rows to: DEEP tokens to be distributed (a new Google sheet on the link).
  • In COLUMN M: Add your name
  • In COLUMN N: Add the project name
  • Go back to the Deep Finance application:
    • Select all DEEP transactions that have been copied over,
    • Click: "Mark as Paid".
What happen's next?
  • The amounts will be checked at the monthly finance meeting.
  • New tokens will be minted as part of the monthly finance process.
  • The Finance Director will distribute the new tokens (no transactions for the creative director/representative 👍)

Checklist for payments:

  • You've made the DAI payment
  • You've followed the process above for DEEP token payments
  • You've expensed any gas

[Archived] layer2 payment system

Referenced in case of reverting to old system or another requirement that does not work for the Deep Finance System: