Client-facing Presentation

Before attempting the client-facing presentation, make sure you have been shadowing one at least once and understand the depth that content that needs to have. Ask an Expert if you have any questions.

After writing a summary of the user research there is always a meeting to present the results. The facilitator introduces the team, then the designer presents the prototype and finally hands over to you, the user researcher, to talk about the user feedback.

It's important to remain honest and objective about the feedback, but communicate it in an understanding way. If the feedback is predominantly negative, make sure you start with the positive parts and present the negative feedback as opportunities for improvement. This always gets the client's attention and could potentially influence the design decisions in the future. In case the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, make sure to explain why that was the case.

Order of presentation:

  • The Product Designer presents the user-tested prototype (10-15 min)

  • The User Researcher presents results with minor issues (Quick Fixes) and high-level strategic recommendations (15-20 min)

  • The Product Designer quickly goes through the prototype with the Quick Fixes included (2 min)

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