Only available to Charlie and Andrej in testing and for legal reasons

Mechanism Description:

a) Charlie or Andrej can choose not to take payments out of Deep Work and the money is moved to the treasury by an reinvestment mechanism.

b) The amount stays on Deep Work's as a balance sheet as an a liability with interest.

c) They can then get repaid the amounts on a trigger event.

Reinvestment mechanism

  • In Deep Teams application, Andrej or Charlie put their payment as "Charlie Invest" or "Andrej Invest"

  • When the payment is made, this deposits the funds in a 0xSplit controlled by the treasury SAFE, this means their is a record on chain of any deposits.

  • Once per month, the Finance Director will distribute the funds from the 0xSplit to the treasury.

Balance sheet as an a liability with interest

Trigger event

  • When a monthly profit share is paid from the Deep Work treasury:

    Andrej and Charlie have the option to be repaid the reinvestment plus interest and a fee.

  • Maximum amount: Equal amount to the profit share.

    E.g. If profit share is $20,000, Charlie and Andrej can opt in to be repaid up to $20,000.

    (this may require the profit share to be reduced)

  • The amount to be repaid is:

    1) Total amount reinvested


    2) Interest accumulated


    Fee of 40% of the total of 2)

    This is their reinvestment tracks inflation plus any additional tax due from the gain in inflation.

  • If both Charlie and Andrej want to be repaid, it's distributed as:

    Individual owed / Charlie + Andrej owed

  • Andrej or Charlie have to send an invoice and make a payment request to the treasury or through the Deep Teams application.

  • The amount paid, minus the fee amount, is then taken off the Balance Sheet by the Finance Director.


Charlie or Andrej:

Finance Director:

  • On a trigger event:

    • Update the sheet with correct interest amounts

    • Record any payments

0xSplit addresses:

Andrej: 0x973E0d2cA3a35b8bAb8662370b870490dF0C68d5

Charlie: 0xF926d9A77987B0Bf9187ef7BAe28BB37FA70D5cd

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