Quick Fixes

After the user research sessions, there might be minor design-related issues that the Product Designer can quickly fix before the client presentation and design hand-over.

Quick Fixes are minor UI changes or additions that affect the product's UX and usability, such as:

  • Copy change: e.g., labels, headlines, paragraphs

  • Text and number legibility: e.g., small characters, low contrast, number separators, alignment

  • Contextual helpers: e.g., tooltips, helper text, links

  • Visual cues: e.g., arrows, icons, colour change

High-level strategic or conceptual issues are not Quick Fixes.

When to share them?

  • Quick Fixes are discussed in a 30-minute scheduled call between the User Researcher and Product Designer the day after the user research sessions.

  • If they prefer and agree beforehand, this can be an async video recording posted in the project's Discord channel by the User Researcher.

As a User Researcher, the earlier you share these, the better. Consider that the Product Designer has a 4-hour working day to work on the Quick Fixes before the client presentation and design hand-over.

How to include them in the presentation?

Presentation orderWhat to present?Time cap

1. Product Designer

User-tested prototype

10-15 minutes

2. User Researcher

Minor issues (Quick Fixes) and high-level strategic recommendations

15-20 minutes

3. Product Designer

Prototype with the Quick Fixes included

2 minutes

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