Custom workshop sessions

The creative process of the workshop sessions is very subjective. Try to reverse engineer the step-by-step process you personally would need to arrive at the desired outcome of the workshop.

For each step, set a specific question or prompt for context and decide how to gather the resulting information from participants. Some of the components of gathering information include:

  • Writing thoughts on post-it’s

  • Writing a series of thoughts in a specific order

  • Writing thoughts contextual to specific existing content

  • Heat-map voting

  • Straw-poll voting

  • Anonymous voting

  • Discuss the results for clarification

You can use existing Miro templates for reference or create your own. Make sure to pass on and explain all the nuances of the workshop to the facilitator, so they know why each prompt exists and how the team will benefit from the result.

If you don’t participate in it yourself, make sure you are available to answer any spontaneous questions.


Depending on the number of contributors to the workshop, you may need to separate the votes into different colors. This can make for example the leadership team visible on votes and influence the perception of voting activity, without compromising anonymity.

Make sure you discuss the voting/governance dynamics with the client team before the start of the workshop to introduce an adequate method for voting during the workshops.

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