Key principles for external communication

  • Only promise what you can deliver, in any message. Then aim to over-deliver.

  • Always put others on a pedestal, not ourselves.

  • Always be nice, friendly and seek opportunities for collaboration

  • Always use non-violent communication

  • 100% educational, valuable or entertaining content. No sales or attention-seeking.

  • Lasting relationships: Share quality over quantity.

  • Usage of simple language to convey useful information. (Hemingway Editor can help)

  • Observe emerging social dynamics and build awareness strategies on the existing behaviors as long as they are in alignment with our goals.

Educational goal

We want to transform the tech industry to be more conscious of good and human-focused design. Share learnings, design approaches, zero-cost tools, and a novel perspective.

Long term goal

In two years' time, Deep Work's social media presence would be the go-to place to gain knowledge regarding design, web3, and healthy work-life balance space. Thanks to its simple-to-understand and helpful content that provides great value to our audiences. Convincing others to work with us is not the priority of Awareness. Rather, it is to educate, make others follow along, and lift them up.

Design Files

Target audiences

Top 3

🏢 Well funded teams/enterprise

💻 Small technical teams

🎨 Designers and Freelancers

Also important

🎓 Academics, graduate students

🌐 Web3 noobs

Content format

🗻 Images

🎙️ Audio

📄 Text

▶️ Videos

Current Channels

Twitter Spaces

Every two weeks episode with a conversation on a topic. Involving two people who lead the conversation and potentially a guest.

Why: Ephemeral audio conversations are easy to consume on-the-go, and seem scarcer than podcasts (which is an over-saturated medium). Podcasts might become more interesting once we can ensure that 100% of our content is valuable.


Several times per week, Deep Work is posting short format educational content from client work and processes.

Why: Twitter is where crypto people hang out and where we have the largest community of followers so far.


On the same days, we post content through Instagram.

Why: Instagram makes it easy to present visual content like case studies. Many design people consume educational content through Instagram.

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