Website Sprint Workshops

Website Sprint Workshops are the same as Design Sprint Workshops - please refer to the documentation - with a few nuances or changes:

Session 1 - Align, Decide and Research

During the first session, you'll need to add the following at the start of the workshop.

Unique Value Proposition Research

Duration 20-30 minutes
  • The user researcher will present the findings from the unique value propisition research.

  • You should encourage the team to make notes to bring up during the HMW session. Or, if they've done HMWs before, encourage them to make HMWs during the research presentation.

Please note, the research presentation should go first so the data can inform the next part of the workshop:


Duration 20-30 minutes
  • The visual identity designer (assisted by the illustration designer if part of the project) presents the stylescapes and design rationale.

  • The team (less the decider) places a green dot for their recommended category.

  • The team presents their decisions to the decider (this should spark a discussion)

  • The decider places the vote on which direction to follow in each category.

As the facilitator you should make clear these decisions are important and final as we won't explore new options or alternatives later in the design process.

Remainder of the workshop


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