Lead Consultancy Calls

Before the start of a project, clients often need help to make the best choice on the right purchase. If you lead the call(s), you need to be prepared for it, speak confidently and act professionally. You main task is to provide value and evidence-based advice in the realm of your expertise. If the client is a fit for Deep Work, you present how a collaboration might look.


When you are on duty to lead the consultation calls, you need to make sure that they are bookable at least two weeks in advance at any given day.

Ask other consultancy members if you want to hand off the duty (see end of duty section below).

Calendly set up before the week starts

  • Make sure your availability is open on Calendly - please check that you have opened the correct times and dates via

  • You should be available for:

    • At least four days in the week,

    • At least five hours per day,

    • At least one day between 6pm and 9pm CET for US clients

    • At least one day between 10am and 12pm CET for Eastern time zones

    • The above is absolute minimums and it is recommended to be open as much as possible to make sure Deep Work has a steady funnel of clients.

Consultancy calls


  • Understand the client's problems.

  • Intro Deep Work

  • Show a case study relevant to the client's problem. When you show the case study, mention the duration in days and the team members (e.g. 1 workshop facilitator, 1 product designer, 1 user researcher).

  • Receive feedback and questions

  • Propose and work out the best option. You can refer to the pricing on our website or from the proposals in Notion.

  • When asked for the earliest starting date, make sure you leave enough time for the client team to prepare (even if a Deep Work Studio team is available right away) but they also don't need to wait.

Outdated longer overview of the call structure:

pageConsultancy Week Calls

Debrief and inform the other Creative Directors

After each consultation call with a client, please make sure you debrief by filling out this Typeform. It will ping a message with your summary and notes to the #new-projects channel, which is exclusive for Creative Directors and current collaborators.

Try to provide as much context as possible so it's clear what the next steps are.

End of consultancy duty

At the end of a week taking consultancy calls, you need to:

  • Record a video summary for other Creative Directors with any information they might need to know.

  • Make sure the next two weeks of Calendly are open and someone is set to do the weeks (so there are always open slots).

You remain responsible for any active clients or negotiations, but can lean on the active Creative Director on a Consultancy Week project or handover.

If you're available the following week and happy to brief the active Creative Director as and when a client replies or there is an update. You do not need to record a video summary.

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