Prepare for the call

  • Schedule a meeting on Google Meet or other conferencing tools.

  • Write down a list of questions and topics for discussion.

  • Think about potential content ideas and take notes.

Conduct the call

  • Ask participants for permission to record the call and share the information publicly later. Make sure you can see faces on the recording. Ideally, face and screen share, which works with Google Meet, native Zoom recording and Loom

  • Record and transcribe the call

  • Take additional notes during the conversation about what stands out

Post-call tasks

  • Set the video and transcript to shareable settings

  • Share the links with the Video Editor in this notion doc.

  • add comments and questions that can be used as prompts

  • Tag the Video Editor as an assignee

  • Record an intro to a podcast based on this script:

Hello everyone, welcome to another episode of the Deep Work podcast. It's based on conversations I have with my friends, uncovering insights about the nature of work, tech and design. Today I'm talking to __ about _. He/she is __ . Without further ado, let's jump in.

Collaborate with the Video Editor

  • The Video Editor uses the transcript to create videos, and receive a Google Drive link with all the videos from Video Editor

  • Review the videos to check the content of the videos for accuracy and appropriateness.

  • Ask participants for permission to share the videos on social media, if necessary.

Approve and post the videos

  • Give the green light for the videos to be posted. move the videos that need extra review to a separate folder (to review)

  • The Video Editor posts the videos on Instagram and Twitter

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