Funding Request & Negotiation

The following is the easiest and most likely way for a funding request for work to be accepted.

Gain confidence in the value of the work

Before requesting work to be funded, please ensure the value to the organization. This can be done in two ways:

Present your idea or work to a department representative

This can be done by directly sending them a message or tagging them in a conversation. You can find them as a "Team Lead" in the Deep Teams app.

Open a discussion with the community

When you start a conversation in Discord, make sure you elaborate on the following:

  1. What you are planning to work on (your suggested process)

  2. Why the outcome is important in the short term (paid in fiat) and what is the value in the long term (compensated with DEEP tokens)

  3. How long it might take

  4. Who should submit the transaction for your payment (any representative can make payments)

In both cases, the goal is to find agreement with the community about the specific scope of work and the cost. The payment (whether in DEEP tokens or stablecoins) will have to be sent by a representative.

If you are not sure how to calculate the value of the work in tokens or stablecoins, refer to this paragraph on defining the cost of your work.

Review constraints of the organization

It helps to keep an eye on the budgets, regulatory constraints, and Deep Work's mission to discuss with others whether it's reasonable to spend resources on your work.

Representatives and contributors with higher responsibilities need to pay particularly close attention to these constraints. There are many efforts that might benefit from funding and deciding which to fund next is a highly strategic task.

Negotiate with the team to gain a mutual understanding and agreement on the value of the work.

Request payment

Once you are confident about the amount you would like to get paid and assume that the community is in agreement, you can get it paid out.

Get paid at the end of the month

Talk to a representative of a department. If there is budget in the department the representative will approve the payment - use the appropriate request form from this list of departments. If you are requesting DEEP tokens, use the treasury request form. No payments will be made without prior agreement with a representative.

If there is no budget in the department, the representative will have to request it from the treasury in agreement with other representatives (see the process here).

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