Contributing to Deep Work's vision

How the purpose of your work connects to Deep Work's vision

Every organization has a vision. It also usually consists of multiple teams with different focus areas, which all have an individual mission. Your individual function in the team, that contributes to the mission has a purpose.

The roles at Deep Work have specific workflows, which we established by applying and improving them many times over the course of many projects. They, therefore, have a clearly defined purpose, specific constraints, and agreed-on compensation.

As a contributor who has proven (to a project owner) that you can execute a specific function, you receive a record on your profile for being able to execute the function.

In addition to proving your capability to contribute to Deep Work on an ongoing basis by executing the function, you have expressed a desire to have continued involvement in Deep Work's vision.

This allows you to get DEEP tokens (Deep Work's governance token) when you work on projects.

The more you work on mission-driven projects with a purposeful function, the more DEEP tokens you receive, and the higher your decision-making power in the organization.

You can read more about Deep Work's governance surface in the Participate in Governancesection.

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