Preparing for a Workshop

In order to begin the workshop process and to ensure that each exercise is facilitated effectively, it is essential to consult with the project manager regarding the objectives of the workshop.

  • What outcome should the team be able to achieve?

  • What potential risks should be taken into consideration?

Additionally, the project manager should provide clear instructions for the purpose of each exercise, as you will need to explain to the team why it is necessary and how it links with other steps, in addition to outlining the expected outcome from each stage. It is therefore imperative to understand every detail of the process that you will guide the team through.

You can find a workshop template in Miro or create your own based on the available templates:

Technical Setup

Before the workshop, make sure you create a Miro template and set it to "Anyone with the link can edit".

Prepare and keep a Spotify playlist handy. During the workshop sessions, playing a playlist in the background creates a distraction-free atmosphere. You can add your own music to the playlist, but make sure the tracks are essentially instrumental, minimal in lyrics, and give out a calming vibe.

You can use Zoom's "Share Screen" feature to stream the music playing in the background by selecting "Music and Computer Sound only" under the "Advanced" tab at the top.

In Google Meet or other online conferencing tools, share a tab and make sure you tick the "Share tab audio" checkbox.

Here are a few playlists you can use:


The very beginning of the workshop is the most important part to set the correct tone. Here's an ideal to-do list to kick off the workshop with:

  1. Welcome everyone and thank them for turning up.

  2. Share the Miro link, introduce how it works, and let everyone find their personal workspace.

  3. Normally, it's okay to skip personal introductions. Quickly introduce the team, emphasizing their strengths if you know them.

  4. Explain briefly what's going to happen over the duration of the workshop.

  5. Empowering others on the team to feel their input is valuable.

  6. Mention that it might be intense at times, but that's ok.

  7. If there is one, nominate a decider.

The decider is the one who pushes the envelope forward wherever the team is stuck and unable to come to a decision.

Introduce Budget: before workshop and project starts, announce available budget

Explain that there will be a negotiation of how the budget will be allocated later in the workshop to compensate each participant for their work. In case the exact value of the work is not clear, it may help to introduce lower amounts of funding and increase it with each project. This should help focus on the distribution (how functions are paid relative to each other) rather than setting high rates right away and making bold assumptions.

Introductions: Introduce each individual and their background to the group.

The facilitator will present each participant, using background information collected before the workshop. This avoids the potential of people feeling put on the spot by being asked to present themselves.

Andrej usually uses the following script to make introductions seamless:

“I apologize if I made any mistakes, feel free to correct me in the chat if you would like to add anything important or relevant to today’s project. There are of course many other skills we all have, but this workshop will help us all uncover them in the context of this consultancy project.

It is totally acceptable to leave this project/workshop at any time or join in at any time throughout its progression. We are all together entering a world of uncertainty and anything can happen.”

During the workshop

Introduce each exercise by explaining the purpose of the exercise in the context of the whole workshop. Make sure the connection to the other exercises is clear.

Ensure equal participation among all members of the workshop.

For more details, please refer to the Facilitation Guidelines:

pageFacilitation Guidelines

Sharing a summary after the workshop

Using the current method of communication with the team, share the recording of the workshop and thank them for participating.

You can also create a transcript of the recording with and GPT. Here is how:

  • Record the workshop using Google Meet or, you can simply add it to the meeting. Make sure the recording is being transcribed

  • Assign the correct names to speakers in the app

  • Export the transcript and split it into roughly 1000-2000 word segments.

  • Copy the first segment into GPT and append “Summary of the conversation:”

  • Remove the first transcript segment and replace it with the second segment. Submit for generation again. GPT will append the summary below the summary of the first segment.

  • Rinse and repeat until the entire transcript is summarised.

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