Project Changes

Managing Scope Changes, Issues, and Budget Alterations

Identifying Required Changes

Whenever a client requests a change in the project scope or if you perceive a need for a process alteration, consider these steps. At times, it might be necessary to temporarily halt the project for a comprehensive review. This could include revising scheduled workshops based on emerging requirements or features.

Reviewing Team Impact

This is important and should never be skipped even if the project timeline is at risk

Before implementing any changes, evaluate their effects on each team function individually. For instance, introducing additional design days will impact different team members in varied ways. Your role involves understanding and mitigating these impacts.

Collaborating with the Team on Changes

Engage with every affected team member individually, seeking their input and gauging their acceptance of the proposed changes. This discussion could also unearth superior solutions or aid in articulating constraints to the client.

Crafting a New Process or Solution

Once you've consulted with all affected functions, devise a solution and communicate it individually to all team members. After confirming agreement from each function, propose the change to the client for their approval.

Adjusting Budget as Needed

In extreme cases, you may have to alter the project timeline, budget, or deliverables. For instance, if a client's expectations are not being met, negotiations between you and the client will determine the best course of action. The ideal outcome is always an enhanced client experience.

Extending the Scope or Resolving Issues: Budgets

Any scope extension or problem resolution should consider team members' availability. Refer to the initial Grid document you completed and append the additional cost under the "Extend scope of work" column. Ensure that the project maintains a positive profit margin.

In severe situations where the profit margin may turn negative, or the client refuses to pay, please consult the client non-payment documentation.

If the scope extension is a client request, create an invoice reflecting the scope change. Typically, this can be priced at 2.25x the cost. For example, adding one day of Product Design at $805 per day would result in the following invoice entry: "Extra Product Design Scope - $1,811.25" (this can be rounded down to $1,800 for cleaner invoicing amounts). Alternatively, you can provide changes at cost price.

Remember to add the adjusted price to the Grid.

Payment and confirmation before continuing

Before proceeding, ensure that any payments (if applicable) have been made and that the client has confirmed the change.

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