Work on Projects

Contribute to volunteering projects

Most projects in the community are currently on a volunteering basis, with a small core group of domain experts working on client projects.

Contribute to projects with a function

Functions have recurring workflows within departments. They can be found in the right-hand menu in the Teams/Departments section or in the Deep Teams app. Following the workflow of a function on a project indicates your desire for long-term involvement in Deep Work and is compensated with a stablecoin and DEEP tokens.

This can mean taking on an existing function by applying to a project in Deep Teams, talking to a project manager or creative director, skilling up, or creating a new project that gets approved by a representative.

You can also find a list of all functions, including their teams/departments, projects, and compensation in this document.

Once you started earning DEEP tokens by completing work with a function, you are officially:

pageContributing to Deep Work's vision

Follow Deep Work's progress, discussions, and decisions

As an owner of DEEP tokens, you have the ability to contribute to decisions made by the rest of the organization. In order to be informed about whether the current decisions align with your values and the overall vision of the organization, you can follow conversations and updates through various channels:

Don't be afraid if some discussions seem heated. Everyone has a different way of articulating themselves but always acts in the interest of the whole.

If a conversation or discussion on Discord seems uncomfortable, type it into GPT with a prompt to elaborate on the context. This can help you resolve the issue or contribute with meaningful content.

Improve the workflows and project processes

After every project, there is a retrospective to evaluate the effectiveness of the current workflow. Based on this information, you can come up with ways to improve the current processes. Once you have suggested an improvement, can either update the documentation yourself (discuss with a representative first) or provide feedback if someone else plans to update it.

Project managers and creative directors have the ability to create new projects by matching a client to a team of function owners. The more project managers Deep Work has, the more projects can run in parallel. Don't hesitate to ask an existing project manager or creative director to teach you how to become one.

Once you start managing projects, your compensation and DEEP token issuance will significantly increase to represent the value of starting projects and ensuring a high-quality outcome.

If you are interested in maintaining a department, making sure that the team working towards a specific mission is happy, and taking on more responsibility to steer the organization, you can suggest becoming a representative.

You will most likely notice that you pick up detailed opportunities for improvement in the department and suggest them to the team or to other representatives. You can also reach out to an existing representative to help them if you notice that their workload is increasing.

Help others skill up

You may receive requests for guidance on how to get involved in projects related to your function(s). If you have the availability and capacity to work on a project, assist people who are new to the organization or to your specific function(s) in skilling up by having them shadow or collaborate with you on the project of interest. This can not only be mutually beneficial but also shows that you share Deep Work's core values.

Discuss with the project manager if there is an additional budget for mentoring/upskilling, which is often the case when there is a high demand for work.

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