Monitor events and respond to requests

Pay attention to discussions among the representatives and if any updates are needed to ensure a smooth way of working. Check for any suspicious behaviors in the organization and listen to potential complaints on Discord.

Advise the Representatives on an efficient course of action and update the DEEP Functions spreadsheet accordingly.

Keep Deep Work's infrastructure up-to-date

Deep Work's infrastructure needs to be maintained on a regular basis in order to offer the most frictionless experience for the contributors and experts. The highest priority with any update or change is making sure the community is happy and understands how everything works without having to think too much.

Based on the DEEP Functions spreadsheet, the toolset of Deep Work needs to be kept up-to-date. This includes:

  • Discord channel categories to represent current departments

  • Discord channels to represent active projects (remove completed projects)

  • Notion pages to represent departments

  • Grid, Typeform and Zapier needs to be up-to-date with compensations

  • Internal Deep Skills app to represent functions

  • GitBook to have written documentation of the functions

  • Making sure that Google Calendar shows Town Hall meetings for each department

Keeping the infrastructure up-to-date requires the setup of a Monthly Operations project in the internal Deep Skills app, including the Finance Director for financial tasks.

Set up a system update project

A system update could be internal or client-facing (as a Solution Architecture Sprint). Depending on the context, try to keep the overall cost low while maximising quality of output. In case of a smaller internal update of the infrastructure, it might not be necessary to involve an entire team. Whereas for bigger projects with a client, it might be useful to work with a Solutions Architect, a User Researcher and a Workflow Writer.

Evaluate the scope of a system update

Estimate the maximum budget required to make desired changes and discuss the value of the update vs. the monetary cost. Representatives review the amount of money for the Operations department based on these estimations.

Once a request comes in to adjust the system or improve the organizational design, evaluate the scope of the work required and communicate the cost to the Finance Director or Operations Representative in case an increase in budget is required for the current month.

Sketch a user journey

Create a user journey for the particular experience or system flow. Make sure you map every relevant stakeholder and take into consideration tangential workflows.

For internal projects, you can also use this Miro board to create a new user journey. Use black arrows for progressions of a specific role and blue arrows for knowledge transfer between different roles.

Make sure you cover as many details as possible.

Create a project

Specify the details of the project and use this Typeform to create a new project to make it show up in Notion. Create a project at using the budget sheet above to keep track of it on your profile. This could be especially useful when delegating the work to a Solutions Architect.

If you think that the modification will require a significant amount of work and especially adoption from the internal team, it's recommended to facilitate a Solution Architecture workshop based on this template.

For larger scope projects involving a team, create a Solution Architecture Sprint:

pageSolution Architecture Sprint

For specific updates that might only require a Solutions Architect, please refer to these guides:

pageNew Creative DirectorpageNew Department or Change of RepresentativepageDepreciating a DepartmentpageRemoving a Creative Director or RepresentativepageEditing or Creating Product Creator Fees

Quality control project

Make sure the team's work is in alignment with the requirements of the organization and solves the issues presented by Representatives or Client. Be ready to mediate the team's work with the stakeholders.

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