Interview Guide

Since process updates can take different shape or forms, it's important to be clear about their purpose and content. Here's a basic set of questions you can ask your interviewee:

Process updates

  • What is the purpose of the update? What is the desired outcome?

  • What could happen if the update is not in place?

Functions and workflows

  • What's the goal/purpose of the function?

  • What are their inputs and what are their outputs?

  • What can potentially go wrong when doing the work?

  • What are some specific requirements, and constraints?

  • What's the exact workflow and process? What are specific tools used during the process?

  • What should people read first and what can be hidden away?

  • For this function, what is the easiest thing to get started with?

  • Is there a clear beginning and end of the project?

  • Are there any references you personally use?

  • Are there any helpful resources for those who are just beginning?

Take into account that you will be entering the transcript into GPT. Keeping the conversation on track by sticking to one question at a time will help when getting GPT to generate content.

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