Explore the title

  • Try to understand what expectation the title sets about the piece

Try to understand the structure

  • It's inevitable that you have to intuit the Author's intention

Fortify the overall structure

  • it should be clear what the premise and thesis is

Tighten the paragraphs and suggest the deletion of elements

  • remember to leave comments

  • strengthen the Author's arguments

Review the micro theses and ensure they match with the macro flow

  • each paragraph is a contained micro unit within the larger piece

  • understand whether the content of the units fits with the thesis

  • go through each paragraph and restart from the beginning

  • Go back to the macro thesis and ensure it's still consistent with the conclusion

  • set aside for 24h, send back to author and review from the start

Make meaningful comments and ask questions

  • make sure all your questions are seen by the author and leave comments

Second pass and handover

  • Repeat the review of the micro theses

  • send back to Author

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