DAO Consultancy

Goals & Mission

  • We empower DAOs to create resilient infrastructure whilst embedding themselves DEEPer into the web3 economy.

    By introducing productive tools and spaces to exchange knowledge and experiences, we guide DAOs to their proximal zones of growth.

    Our foundational frameworks and collaborative problem-solving workshops can help you fully actualize yourselves and your organization.

  • Onboard organizations who want to become a DAO onto our software.

  • Conduct research on existing organizations to inform design decisions for the software suite.

You can watch the summary of our values and mission exercise here and find more context on this Miro board.


  • User feedback may not be adequately processed.

  • Clients might get confused by our offering.

  • We might not focus sharply enough on the most relevant target audience.


  • Using the operational infrastructure (Deep Skills and Deep Teams) to create projects.

  • Finding verified talent from our network.

  • Setting up projects, running workshops, prototyping, and consultation.

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