Archive of Representative Monthly Finances


Department Payment Spreadsheets

Monthly department payments are stored in the following spreadsheets:

Timing and Payment Terms

Department payment requests and invoices submitted before the 11pm GMT on the last day of the month: Paid on the 5th working day of the following month by the department representative.

Paying the Representative (you)

The representative is paid in two ways:

  • xDAI: A set amount agreed in the monthly budget.

    • You'll need to make a request for this amount.

  • DEEP Tokens: A set amount per month:

    • This means you earn tokens regardless of the revenue and workload for leading the role, taking risk and responsibility.

    • This is automated to go the payment spreadsheet on a monthly basis.

Monthly Finance Responsibilities

Financial Management and Checks

  • During the month it is your responsibility to manage the departments finances. For example, if someone sets up a project and asks for a budget, you must make sure that budget is available.

  • At the end of the month, you need to:

    • Check that all payment requests are correct.

    • Check that you have the funds available to pay all the payment requests.

  • You can find all the payment requests in the sheet for the department at the top of this page.

Making Payments

You are responsible for making payments once per month between the 1st working day and the 5th working day of the month.

Make sure you make the payments for xDAI and DEEP tokens (see the tabs on the Google Sheet for your department)

Paying the Department team in xDAI

Distributing DEEP for the department team:

Deep Distribution

For DEEP distribution, go to the DEEP tokens tab in your departments payment Google Sheet (links above):

  • Check all DEEP calculations are correct.

  • Copy the rows to: DEEP tokens to be distributed sheet (this is a new Google sheet on the link).

  • In COLUMN M: Add your name

  • In COLUMN N: Add the department

  • In your sheet, you can move the tokens to the 'Paid' tab

What happen's next?

  • The amounts will be checked at the monthly finance meeting.

  • New tokens will be minted as part of the monthly finance process.

  • The Finance Director will distribute the new tokens (no transactions for the creative director/representative 👍)

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