Representatives Council


  • Meet twice a month and evaluate costs, expenses, and revenue.

  • Evaluate new initiatives and projects in the respective departments/teams.

  • Agree on how to distribute budgets in order to invest in the projects that support the overall progression of the organization the most.

  • At the end of the month confirm the financial distribution with the Finance Director.

  • Write an executive summary per department in the following format:

    • Intro

    • Goals

    • Tenets

    • Current state

    • Lessons learned

    • Strategy


  • Financial decisions may be made out of self-interest rather than mission-driven.



Financial Controller

Operations Director


  • Ensure that any requests for funding are well justified in the context of the overall vision of the organization.

  • An open place for negotiation needs to be provided and constructive critique and discourse is of paramount importance.

  • If participants exceed the amount of 3 people, facilitate a workshop.

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