SaaS Repayment

Log last month's expenses

  1. Gather invoices for previous month from:

  1. Drop them into personal accounting software (FastBill), save duplicates in GDrive

  2. Log total expenses in the Cashflow Calculator

Reimburse personal business

  1. Check the sum of all invoice amounts. Estimate how much it will be next month, including current amount on Revolut.

  2. Create invoice from DW to personal business in FastBill, copy to GDrive. Remember to change invoice amount from € to $

  3. Transfer from Treasury to kischiman.eth

  4. Payout from kischiman.eth to personal bank account

Estimate and transfer money for next month

  1. Download monthly bank Statement from Revolut

  2. Estimate the amount needed for next month

  3. Transfer the estimated amount from personal bank account to Revolut

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