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Deep Work aims to provide organizations and freelancers with a cooperative framework that reduces operational costs, supports fair profit distribution and fosters a motivated, health-first working culture.

Operational principles

Deep Work is a unique organization that operates like a mix between an open online community of volunteers and a quality-controlled profitable business. It is based on the assumption that humans should be free to choose what to work on and with whom. A set of considerations that makes this freedom possible while remaining profitable is listed in How we work.

If you're interested in our organizational design, you can read about it in this Organizational Design Playbook.

Individual autonomy

If you are interested in working with us, you need to be proactive about reaching out to other community members or experts and be specific about your requests. This requires you to understand yourself, your goals, and your values.

There are no formal applications and collaborations are based on relationships between autonomous individuals who trust each other.

Project-based work and volunteering

Paid projects have teams where team members usually already know each other. All other projects are on a volunteering basis but present an opportunity to display your skills or work with other talented people.

Read more about how to use our tools to Discover Work.

Join our community

Join our Discord and become part of our open community. After you logged into our Discord, you can follow general conversations.

If you want to see more of our internal work, apply as a Contributor to unlock internal channels and start observing. During your application you will be asked a few basic questions about yourself and sign an agreement.

The application is in place to conform with KYC/AML regulations in case you do paid work.

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Any questions?

If you see things that are missing, wrong, or outdated, please help us make this document better for anyone working with Deep Work. Email hey@deepwork.studio or send a message in our Discord and we'll update it right away.

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