Welcome To Deep Work

Deep Work provides radically better design for technical teams and founders. Our client engagements centre around Hypersprints - collaborating with clients in interactive workshops, prototyping and testing in six to seven days.

During the Hypersprint process we will go through several real-time collaborative sessions to define challenges, decide on a goal, come up with individual solutions and finally merging all solutions into one concept storyboard. The storyboard will merge all our expertises and contain the best ideas to our current knowledge and act as the basis for us to create a high-value, testable prototype.

Get started

You can either join our Discord and become part of our community or apply as a Collaborator to unlock internal channels and start working on client facing projects.

Open Roles

Deep Work needs designers, facilitators and user researchers. You can view more about the roles below, or find out more about working for Deep Work on our website about page.

Any questions?

If you see things that are missing, wrong, or outdated, please help us make this document better for anyone working with Deep Work. Email [email protected] and we'll update it right away or send a message in our Discord.

Thank you for your help and welcome on-board to go Deep!