Refer Clients

Familiarize yourself with the Deep Work documentation

Explore the different departments and teams to find the one that interests you the most or is most relevant to your client's needs.

Explore the Projects and Functions within each department:

  • Projects will give you an understanding of the expected team-driven deliverables. Some may include examples of work that you can show to the client and compare to their needs.

  • Functions contain the goals and workflows of individual contributors. You might be able to find relevant skills and see the potential of combining them in order to create a new project.

Locate the team or department you're interested in

Visit and check the team lead listed in the left-hand navigation bar.

Reach out to the team lead

Discuss your idea and ask for their help in connecting you with the right experts or team members.

Find relevant experts

Browse the active and completed projects in the platform to identify team members whose workflow is specific to your client's needs. Reach out to these individuals to discuss your project idea.

Contact Project Managers

If you are unable to find relevant Experts, look for project managers or project owners in as they can help you with the administrative aspects of setting up a project and connecting you with the right experts.

Create a project proposal

Collaborate with the relevant experts, team members, and project managers to create a project proposal and define the scope, deliverables, and timeline.

Work on the project

Once the project is set up, work closely with your team to execute the project and deliver value to the client.

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