Request forms

Upon completion of a project, after the delivery of your work (bounty or task), once it has been confirmed by a Creative Director or Representative, you can send Deep Work an invoice or payment request.

Invoices or payment requests will only be paid on pre-agreed amounts. Any extra payments or expenses have to be pre-agreed before work commences.

Payment Route:

Please make sure you select the correct payment route below. Selecting the wrong payment route may result in a payment delay.

Payment terms

Please make sure you have read and understood the timings and Payment Terms before submitting a payment request.

Request Forms

Project and team payment

For example, working on a project in a set role as a creative director, expert or collaborator:

Treasury payment (approved)

If a governance vote is successfully approved, you can request payment for tasks, jobs or claims to the Deep Work Treasury in xDAI or DEEP tokens.

Please use the following Typeform to request xDAI or DEEP tokens:

Consultancy payment

Creative Directors can claim pre-agreed amounts from the Creative Directors Pool Wallet. Please use the following Typeform to request xDAI:

Awareness payment

Community payment

Operations payment

Finance payment

Design (in-house) payment

Payment from Deep Work Studio Limited

Must be approved from Charlie or Andrej and follows a different method and invoicing process:

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