Interview Guide

An interview guide is a document that helps to remember the most important questions during the interview. Generally, the Long-Term Goal and Sprint Questions from the workshops are the best references for the goals of the project and a guideline on what needs to be elicited from the testers. After the workshops and after prototype has been designed, the facilitator and product designer will post a summary video of their work on Discord. This should give you a guideline on what needs to be part of the interview guide.

In some cases, the storyboard and prototype can have a lot of content - for example, the client has added an extensive FAQ copy - in this case, you can ask the testers to skip the content (discuss with the facilitator if you're unsure on the importance) to make sure you gather data prioritising on the long-term goal and and sprint questions.

Examples of real interview guides from previous projects:

Running 5 User Interviews

On the day of the user interviews, you will receive a calendar invite for each interview. Once it starts, introduce yourself and the user testing environment, send the tester the link to the prototype and observe their feedback based on the interview guide. Don't forget to take notes!

More details, example questions and references you can find here:

Questions and Formalities

Here's an interview we recorded for you to watch through and see how it goes in real life: (starts at the 30:00 minute mark)

The First Interview

The first interview is always weird. Don't worry, the first time you talk to people is always unusual and a bit more challenging. Especially showing strangers something new and expecting their feedback could make everyone nervous. But that's not a problem - be honest, be nice, there will be results either way and you will have another 4 interviews.

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