End-of-the-month review

Tasks to do:

  • Representatives to move tokens to Deep Tokens to be Distributed

  • Review and adjust token distribution

  • Review and approve gas expenses

  • Post in #governance channel or raise snapshot vote with:

    • Transactions to execute to departments

    • Token's to be minted and distributed

    • Adjustments to token distribution and multipliers

    • Gas expenses to be paid

Profit Share (optional)

  • Add profit share figures to P&L

  • Raise snapshot vote using this template, including:

    • USDC amounts

    • DEEP tokens to be minted and distributed

  • Share monthly summary on Discord, including:

    • USDC per token

    • Financial summary

    • Decisions made by representatives

Implement Monthly Payments

  • After successful snapshot vote or no veto on Discord, execute payments on chain

Distributing 0xSplits:

There are distributions for: - Product Creator Fees - Reinvest mechanism

Expensing Gas Fees

  • Find the total amount of ETH that needs to be expensed at ETH on Ethereum in Operations Payments.

  • Convert stable coins to the required amount of ETH.

  • Pay expenditures via the Operations Gnosis SAFE.

  • Mark transactions as paid in the Operations Payment spreadsheet.

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