Participate in Governance

Become eligible for governance

Once you have become a Deep Work expert by owning a function, you will start receiving DEEP. This is Deep Work's token, and it allows you to participate in governance decisions involving the entire collective. You can either vote on snapshot proposals or contribute to governance discussion areas.

There are two forms of DEEP payments for Experts:

  • Existing functions: These will have a standardized per-project amount, you can look it up here.

  • New functions: Since these functions do not yet exist, the amount of DEEP will vary and should be agreed upon prior to the commencement of work.

The amount of DEEP token you receive by executing a function represents the long-term value of the function to Deep Work.

DEEP tokens are not an incentive mechanism, but a visualization of the importance of your contribution.

Once you have received payment in DEEP, follow the steps below to begin taking part in Deep Work governance.

Unlock governance channels in Discord

All governance discussions occur in the #governance in discord. To access this channel, you will need to connect your wallet. To do this:

Go to #unlock-governance and click the "Let's Go" button:

It will take you to a place to connect your wallet. Once you have accepted the agreement to connect, it will check your wallet for DEEP and will automatically tag you in Discord as a DEEP Expert. This will give you access to all channels to governance-related discussions.

Contribute to or vote on existing proposals

Currently, all decision-making happens in a conversational manner first. The discussions take place in the #governance channel, so feel free to simply post a message in the chat if you feel like something needs to change.

Proposals are shared in the #governance channel on Discord and on Snapshot. By voting on the proposals you express interest in the proposed suggestion or solution.

Disagree, object, and veto

Many proposals may not align with your personal values or with Deep Work's vision from your perspective. It's important that you express your disagreement with the community.

When you disagree in a conversation, please elaborate on the reason, so others can understand your perspective and lead the conversation to a productive outcome.

If you disagree/veto a proposal on Snapshot, the proposal will not pass, even if only a minority disagrees!

Instead, the proposal owner is responsible of initiating a discussion with the minority to come to a tolerable resolution.

Join ongoing conversations

If you haven't already, add the community calendar to see all scheduled community calls. This is an opportunity to provide all ideas and feedback about how things are going in the department or Deep Work broadly. Often, this is a good way to gather consensus on an improvement without needing to go through any formal decision-making process.

Types of calls:

  • Representative meetings, finance councils, and community updates: Organization-wide calls where all representatives meet to make decisions about the structure of the organization, how resources are allocated, etc. Members, if they are knowledgeable can give feedback.

  • Town Halls: Department-wide calls where the Representative for the specific department allows open dialogue, suggestions, and questions from anyone working within the department. For example, an edit to a specific workflow or department coordination methods.

  • Project Retrospectives: Only attend project retrospectives if you worked on the project. This call occurs after a project has finished and is a time to review the effectiveness and efficiency of the present workflow of all Functions involved in the project.

Suggest improvements

As a DEEP owner, you can suggest improvements to almost every aspect of the organization:

  • Functions - Increasing the automation in a workflow can reduce the time spent and increase the quality, thereby increasing compensation. Suggest improvements to a representative or during a retrospective.

  • Projects - Improving processes for collaborative projects can increase the quality of the deliverables, resulting in higher value and team payments.

  • Departments/Teams - Suggest operational changes to teams/departments to the representative to make the overall team more efficient with regard to its mission.

  • New projects - Propose funding requests for next month, or request funding for new projects to a representative.

  • Treasury spending - Decide how profits should be distributed. It can involve organization-wide benefits, funding external projects, or profit shares. Conversations usually take place during the monthly finance council or in Town Halls.

  • Token issuance - Request adjustments in DEEP token issuance to accurately represent voting power distribution. Discuss with the representative of the department, then make changes as part of the monthly finance meeting.

  • Payments and rates - Negotiate and adjust internal payments and rates with representatives. The representatives will agree on the changes during the monthly finance council.

  • Deep Teams, Deep Skills and other tools - Make suggestions for interface design and feature set of our internal tooling. You can make suggestions through discord channels, the monthly town hall, or scoping calls.

Contact department representatives about improvements

Whether it is in one of the calls above or through discord in the #governance channel, reach out to Representatives about any improvements you would like to see. If they agree, they may ask for your help in making the improvement. If they are unclear or disagree, they will ask you to discuss it further with the community so that you can articulate the value and present it to them again in the future.

If it is a change you consider to be urgent, they may ask you to submit a snapshot proposal. Find more information about Snapshot Proposals here:

pageSnapshot Proposal

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